Gold Watches, Gold Bracelets, Gold Skin Care Products?

As I walked through the Boca Town Center in Boca Raton, Florida, I noticed a new kiosk which seemed to just light up the rest of the surrounding area. Was this kiosk selling watches, or bracelets, I asked my friend? Neither, it was selling skin care products formulated with real 24k gold.

As we approached the kiosk, I wondered to myself if this was just a marketing ploy. Yes, the packaging was very nice, and the gold composition surely would look nice on my sink as people looked over my stash of skin care products I take such pride in. But, behind this gold-embossed casing and fancy packaging, was there a product inside that actually worked? I was curious to know what the catch  buy Skincell Advanced was, and if gold really did work in this formula.

I asked questions to a well-educated employee who explained to me the details of why gold was chosen to be added to this anti-aging formula. Apparently, dating back to Cleopatra, gold has been used in facials across the world. It’s used in high-end spas worldwide, and if you search for it in Google that statement was verified to be true.

However, the key reason is that gold is a great ingredient as far as having the proper anti-aging properties. Gold has been found as a great wrinkle reducing ingredient and said to have worked well with other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol to effectively fight the aging process and keep the skin looking young.

Gold apparently works to reach a certain level of skin called the “barrier zone” that other ingredients cannot reach. I was given a quick education on gold and how it works levels of he skin that others cannot reach. So, I was sold. I went ahead and bought an anti-aging set of gold products that I continue to use today. I have to say they not only look good, but feel good and work good. They go on smooth, and absorb well into the skin. The formula does not leave any gold residue on the face as I thought prior to purchase. Rather, it absorbs just like any other eye serum out there.