Hinges – They Open Doors for You

They’re small. They’re used every day. And when they don’t match with a room’s d├ęcor they can really stick out. No they aren’t cabinet knobs. They’re hinges. First used in 1600 B.C. they have increased the strength of man nearly tenfold and are perhaps one of the most important inventions for everyday use.

Available in a vast array of styles, sizes and colors hinges not only make your life easier they also make a room complete. The only way to get a complete idea of what is out there in the world of hinges is to do a little online shopping. Sure you could trek to all the hardware stores in your neighborhood and dig through endless boxes that may only hold a few hinges when you need twenty or more. But wouldn’t you prefer to sit at home and find what you need with the click of a button? Yes you would.

There are many hinge styles to choose from and what you need will depend on what type of door you are hanging. There are hinges for residential doors, gates, screen doors and cabinet doors. Then there are three types of cabinet doors; lipped, flush and overlay. Butt hinges are the most common type of hinge. They consist of two flaps with screw holes connected by a pin and can be used on any door. The pin can be tipped360 degree hinges for cabinet door with balls or finial s for a decorative touch. T-hinges are shaped like the letter T and are used on garage doors and chest lids. Pivot hinges are meant for overlay cabinet doors or doors that rest on the door frame. Butterfly hinges that are usually decorative as well as functional are for use on flush doors or doors that rest within the frame. One of the most popular types of hinge is the spring-loaded hinge. Also called a self-closing hinge a tiny spring inside allows the door to close on its own.

Besides type hinges also come in a wide variety of finishes. If you like a vintage look, go for antique copper, brass or pewter. Keep it simple with black nickel, flat black, or white. If you like a modern European look, go for polished chrome or satin nickel. Recreate your grandma’s fifties kitchen with oil rubbed bronze hinges or go for something different with red bronze. No matter what finish you choose it is important that it matches your motif. You can even match your hinges with your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.

Whether you are re-doing your kitchen and need all new hinges or just replacing the hinges on on