Product Comparisons: Hoodia 750 and Two Other Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss Pills

Hoodia 750 and some other hoodia gordonii weight loss pills use hoodia gordonii purchased from Stella Labs, a wholesale supplier of bulk ingredients for nutritional and dietary supplements. Recently one appetite suppressant which uses hoodia gordonii supplied to them by Stella labs (not hoodia 750) has become the target of a potential class action suit. Someone said, “We live in a litigious society.” No product is safe from the threat of a law suit. If a product does not work in the way that it is advertised to do, not to worry, take them to court. But, it is not my job to comment on society, I just write about and compare health supplements.

Hoodia 750 is an appetite suppressant, as are the other hoodia gordonii weight loss pills. Labeling indicates that hoodia 750 contains 750mg of hoodia gordonii and nothing else except the ingredients used to make the capsule itself. Other products contain 750 mg of hoodia gordonii or more. Hoodia XR contains 1000mg of hoodia gordonii. Desert Burn 750 is a 750mg tablet. Which of the hoodia gordonii weight loss pills is better? It might be necessary to compare the products for yourself.

All three of the hoodia gordonii weight loss pills mentioned receive high ratings at websites dedicated to hoodia reviews; hoodia 750, hoodia XR and desert burn. So, let’s compare CITES certificates and analysis reports. Hoodia 750 has CITES certificates from Stella Labs. Hoodia XR has a CITES certificate. Desert Burn has its own CITES certificate displayed along with many other certifications of authenticity. If the question is about who is supplying genuine hoodia gordonii, then they all appear to be.

Next we compare price. The first bottle of hoodia 750 costs $54.99 for 90 capsules; recommended dosage is three capsules per day. Subsequent bottles may be purchased for $44.99, if you are on their recurrent billing plan. Desert Burn 750mg capsule costs $59.95 for one bottle of 60 capsules; recommended dosage is one or two capsules in the morning and one or two capsules in the afternoon, if needed, not to exceed six capsules per day. The pricing of these two products is very gw-501516 for sale similar, depending on how much the individual needs to take to suppress his or her appetite. There is no established recommended dosage for hoodia gordonii weight loss pills and some people seem to need higher dosages than others. Hoodia XR is a 1000mg tablet, each bottle contains 90 tablets and costs $49.95; recommended dosage is one time released capsule, three times per day or as needed to suppress appetite. Hoodia 750 and the other companies offer discounts on shipping and handling as well as price per bottle when multiple bottles are ordered.

Guarantee. Hoodia 750 offers a “multi-bottle” satisfaction guarantee; meaning that if you order two or more bottles, they give you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Desert Burn accepts returns of unopened bottles for any reason. Hoodia XR accepts returns of one opened bottle per person, but individuals must call for a return authorization number which must be displayed on the outside of the box. Customers should remember that thirty days is from the date of order, not the date of receipt.

All dieters need to remember that hoodia 750 and all other hoodia gordonii weight loss